Some handy tips about printing forms in CoverMe:

1. Once you've decided whether a patient is or isn't eligible your next step is to to print the appropriate forms.

2. If the patient is eligible:

  • Select Print ALL HPE Forms
  • Have the patient sign the form(s) where appropriate
  • Follow your facility's process for sending the HPE Application and the full Medicaid Application to the state
  • Hold on to the Patient Notification approval letter until the patient's Medicaid number and dates of eligibility are provided to your facility by the state and added to letter, then distribute according to your facility's process
  • Keep copies of all three forms for your records

3. If the patient is not eligible:

  • Select Print ALL HPE FormsĀ 
  • Follow your facility's process for giving the patient a copy of their Patient Notification denial letter and full Medicaid application
  • Keep copies of both forms for your records

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