Definitions for terms in CaseVue: (Word/Phrase-Definition)

Approved- The applicant has met qualifications allowed into your facility.

Denied- The applicant has not met qualifications for being admitted into your facility.

DOM- Division of Medicaid.

Facility-This is the building in which you admit clients.

Facility Contact- The main point of contact for a facility. This is changed by a company administrator.

Gross Income- An individual's total personal income, before accounting for taxes or deductions.

HPE- Hospital Presumptive Eligibility.

MAGI- Modified Adjusted Gross Income, based on federal tax rules for how income is counted and family size is determined.

Message and Alerts- These are messages from AutoGov, including important updates and alerts.

No.- Number.

Password- Password is the secure phrase that you use to log in.

PE- Presumptive Eligibility.

Pending- The applicant has not had an official admission decision made on his/her case.

Region- The region(s) are defined per company and are used to group facilities together for reporting purposes.

Score- The score is the final product of the case submission, and it shows the risk to your company. The numbers range from 0 to 100. As the score goes down, the risk goes up.

SSN- Social Security Number

Submit a New Case- This button starts off the scoring process.

UCI-Unique Client Identifier. This is a CaseVue unique code given to each client entered into the system.

User Role- Levels of permissions for CaseVue.

User(s)- Users are company employees that perform your intake, supervisors, and/or company executives.

ZIP- 5 digit Postal Zip Code.

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