Internet Explorer

There are two ways you can create desktop shortcut to website on your Windows desktop.

In Internet Explorer, open your favorite website and right click in any blank space on the web page. From the context menu which pops up, select Create shortcut.

You will get a dialogue box asking you Do you want to put a shortcut to this website on your desktop? Click Yes.

A shortcut opening the website will be placed on your desktop.

Alternatively, just drag the favicon to your desktop. That’s it! You have your shortcut. This will work for all web browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera,

If you drag the favicon straight to your Quick Launch Bar, you will have a Quick Launch Shortcut. Clicking on it will launch your browser to open the website.


Once the website is loaded, click on the Customize & control Chrome button > Tools > Create application shortcut.

You will be asked if you would like to create the application shortcut on your Desktop and if you would like to pin it to the taskbar, as well.

Make your choice and click on Create.

You will now see the icons of the created shortcuts on you desktop as well as the taskbar.

Click on it to get a dedicated browsing experience for the website.

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